When purchasing an office product, be it a copier, scanner, MFP, wide format printer or fax machine, you should ask some key questions before making a final purchasing or leasing decision. Questions to consider beforehand can include: 
How much space do I need for my new system or device?
Reviewing the space allotted for your new copying or printing system is very important. Most of the new digital systems are more compact than their analog predecessors, but none-the-less each requires sufficient space. Be sure to leave room for a technician to perform any maintenance, and that the system has a dedicated electrical outlet, proper amps/voltage and surge protection.

What type of budget do I have for this purchase? Should I lease?
First, Rocky Mountain Business Equipment know cost is considered alongside the type of product needed. Businesses can often save money by considering pre-owned models or systems instead of purchasing brand new models, even preferring to lease the equipment. Leasing could be beneficial to consider for a tax advantage, and can be a good way to conserve operating capital to free up more cash for business growth. How? Since a lease doesn’t affect any borrowing limits, it keeps credit 100% available for other needs as well as preventing cash from being tied up in overhead. In most cases, the monthly payments to lease may be fully deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset. In addition to financial benefits, leasing also allows the freedom to upgrade the equipment. This will help hedge the inevitable obsolescence of the device selected. Because upgrading a lease is so easy, the most modern equipment is always available.
Will I be able to find compatible office equipment to add on later?
The answer you want is yes. Such as, “We sell a complete line of office machines including MFPs, scanners, mailing systems and more to complete your networking solutions.”
How fast does my copier or printer have to be?
Separate from cost per copy (CPC), a copier or printer's price can be related to its run rate of copies per minute (CPM) or prints per minute (PPM). Copier or printer speeds range from 10 to 100 cpm/ppm depending on the system. You may consider purchasing a mid-size digital copier connected and a mid-size digital printer connected instead of one large copier. This will give you a back-up system if one should require service.

Do I need finishing capabilities on my copier and/or printer?
If you make multiple copies or prints that require them to be sorted, folded, or stapled such as booklets or reports, you may want to invest in a copier or printer that has a finisher option.

Should I use a copier or scanner, PC and printer?
If you print to your small desktop printer first and then make copies, consider printing all of your prints on a higher volume printer. The scanner could be used for other things, such as photographs, contracts, brochures, etc. Much of this depends on how much walk-up copying you are currently doing.
How much is it going to cost me per print?
The low cost copiers or printers, such as an ink jet or cartridge laser, will surprise you with how much the supply cost per copy or print is. You need to take a hard look at what it will cost you in the long run, and often the low cost system may not be that great of a bargain after all. Divide the cost of the supplies by their published yields and that will give you a cost per printed page. If the manufacturer’s supply item does not have a published yield, then they may have something to hide.

How many copies compared to prints will I make each month?
Do make sure the products you choose can handle your office work load more productively. Don’t underestimate. If you currently have a copier, in most cases it has a copy counter on it somewhere, as do some printers. This will help you to determine how many copies versus prints your company produces a month. Comparing copies to prints will give you an indication that maybe you could acquire a smaller volume copier and acquire a larger volume printer, or possibly the reverse. Do your homework here.

Is onsite installation service provided?
Rocky Mountain Business Equipment takes pride in providing highly trained, well-equipped delivery and installation personnel to properly handle the products selected.